Bartolini 3AV -Acoustic Soundhole Pickupsssss


Make your acoustic guitar sound great through an amp with the legendary 3AV and its new, easier-to-install bracket

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Our legendary 3AV Hum-Killer Acoustic Guitar Soundhole pickup provides an incredibly natural sounding acoustic voice—bright and clear with B-string compensation and a 10-foot cable. It now features a new, easy to install, clean look mounting bracket. It is designed to be installed on the bridge side of a 3-1/2” to 4-1/2” soundhole for the best tonal response.

3AV Technical Details

Coil Structure:
Stacked Coil Hum-Killing
Cable Type:
10 Foot Shielded Coaxial Cable with 1/4″ Plug
Magnetic Circuit:
2 types of precision CNC milled carbon steel, brass, and copper powered by ceramic (ferrite) magnets
projected for focused aperture and B-string mass compensation with field isolation of hum-killing coil

3AV Coil Specs

  • DC Resistance: ~2.8KΩ
  • Resonant Frequency: ~9.2KHz
  • Sensing Width: 2.17″ [55mm] Max



Acoustic Soundhole

  • 2.75″ [69.9mm] Long,
    0.69″ [17.5mm] Wide,
    0.78″ [19.8mm] Thick + 0.11″ [2.8mm] Cable
  • Fits 3-1/2″ – 4-1/2″ Soundholes



Download the installation guide to see how easy it is.


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