Bartolini TC3 Preamp


TC3 Boost Preamp, Single Channel, Low Noise, 4X (12dB) Gain

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The TC series are our original preamps known as “The Chip”. The TC3 is especially popular. They are hand-made with discrete electronic components for very low noise, outstanding distortion characteristics when overdriven, and very long battery life. They are rugged, reliable and easy to install. In most cases do not require modifications to the instrument.

The TC series are vintage designs that can be used in simple or complex ways. They include a boost signal that can be used by professional guitar technicians to further increase the output gain or to shape the frequency response for bass, mid, or treble boost. Because they rely on electrical current feedback for amplification, the tone is very well suited for high-output guitar setups. The TC3 delivers very satisfying frequency-phase shift and asymmetric tube-like distortion when overdriven.

Like all of our electronics modules, the TC preamps are internally shielded to reject electromagnetic noise and include internal filters to block AM and FM radio on the inputs. Bartolini set the standard of fully sealing the sensitive electronics. We use professional double tin plated pure copper wire with durable semi-rigid insulation. This ensures the 4” pre-stripped wires don’t flop around in the cavity and the wires don’t cut through the insulation over time.

All TC preamps can be used in the un-boosted mode to provide equal amplification of all audio frequencies and very simple installation. The boosted modes allow tonal changes ranging from simple treble boost to a midrange spectrum shaping specifically designed to overdrive amplifiers to their best distortion sounds.


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