NUX Mighty Lite BT


A New Standard for the Mini Class Amplifiers


It’s lightweight and literally small all-in-one portable guitar amplifier.
It’s a low-watt practice amp that you can use in any room at your home, put on a desk or take it wherever you want and jam,
via the battery-powered operation or USB to power bank connection.


It features 3 channels, built-in digital reverb and delay, with NUX user-friendly interface design.
It also offers an Auxiliary line-in and Bluetooth connection for jamming along to your own music.
Improve your jamming skill along with built-in drums and metronome as well.

It has good sounding and clean overdrive and distortion channels
With a single coil or humbucker pickup guitar, you can dial up to create any music style sound, such as pop, rock, blues, and metal and more...

Enhance your sound with digital effects; NUX Mighty Lite BT has filters and digital effects.
You can easily reach the Delay and Reverb effect controls by amp’s interface. And there is more to unlock via Mighty Lite BT mobile APP.


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